Carbon fiber products recycling to achieve material value

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Now carbon fiber products, various industries have a big increase in demand for the carbon fiber material, despite the great advantages of materials, the use of high performance, but can not avoid or a case of damage to be eliminated, no comment items are not damaged, carbon fiber products is the same, so although popular but the resulting carbon fiber products? Is it discarded after damage? No reusable value?
As far as I know, this is not the case. Carbon fiber is the same as some recyclable materials, which can be collected and sorted for recycling and reprocessing. At present, there are three recycling processes of carbon fiber products: mechanical method, chemical method and pyrolysis method. The mechanical method is applicable to the recycling of carbon fiber products used in automobiles, while the chemical method is still in the experimental stage, which is still some distance from industrial production.
Pyrolysis is now the most complex industrial production of carbon fiber products recycling process method, carbon fiber materials have different characteristics from other materials of course, recycling and processing is not the same as other materials. Can not be directly used in the final manufacturing process of the product. After recycling, carbon fiber products have to go through the process of distribution, suspension, hot drying and other steps to arrange the material to correct the direction of the fiber, and finally adjust the carbon fiber material to enter the product processing.
From recycling and decomposition to processing finished products, this process all proves the recyclable processing space of materials, and also reflects the energy conservation and reuse.