What is a carbon fiber tube?

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Carbon fiber tube is a kind of special-shaped tube, so the first thing we need to do is to make the inner core mold according to the specifications of the pipe customized by the customer. The mold affects the quality of the product in a great way, so the first step should be done well.

The second step is to design the fiber lamination according to the specifications. The most effective effect can be achieved by properly laying carbon fibre.

The third step is to roll the fiber layer onto the mold, wrap it in OPP, then bake and harden it,

After this step is completed, the next step is to remove the OPP and remove the inner core mold. There are still some defects in the carbon fiber tube made now.

So, the last thing we had to do was cut off the ends and then grind the tube to the specifications.

The above is a simple summary of the production steps of carbon fiber square tube, but in practice, there are many things that need our attention,

For example, the material of core mold, core mold design, design parameters in the molding process, some demoulding points, etc. Carbon fiber tubes are lighter and stronger than regular tubes,

Its anti-aging and high temperature resistance are outstanding, so it is now a lot of hot pursuit.
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