Carbon fiber board becomes the material of choice when decorating

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Carbon fiber is made of organic fiber after a series of heat treatment, the carbon content is higher than 90% of inorganic high-performance fiber, is a new material with excellent mechanical properties, has the inherent nature of carbon materials, but also has the textile fiber soft and processable type, is a new generation of reinforced fiber.
Carbon fiber plate is carbon fiber reinforced unidirectional plate, its molding process is carbon fiber impregnated resin after curing in the mold and continuous pull extrusion molding, like many people in the decoration will also use carbon fiber plate
Good carbon fiber panels are most often used where they need to be fixed. It is corrosion resistant, light and strong, the building in the air, not afraid of wind and rain not only to endure the exposure of the sun, but also often be washed by the rain. Want to know. Rain water is not pure H2O, it contains some chemicals, the PH is less than 5.6, is acidic, has some corrosive. Carbon fiber panels are products that have many USES in our buildings and homes. More resistant to the tide and not afraid of the sun, it is worth everyone to decorate the time to buy. You can learn more about carbon fiber